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My beloved Ekaterina,

I’m thinking of you in our white-stone capital in a nice restaurant White Sun of the Desert in Neglinnaya Street. There are so many dishes in here that I don’t know where to look first! Take the name alone:


Dastarkhan is a table full of food, sort of our magic tablecloth, you can eat dishes from it to you heart’s content. There two types of Dastarkhan:

‒ All cold starters are 1300 rubles per person and 1040 rubles till 3 p.m. on workdays.


‒ You can eat cold starters, my dear Ekaterina, and Uzbek pilaf is on the house! And when the hospitable host offered a main course I was stupefied as you can choose Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Arabic and Chinese dishes! That’s a miracle!

The only thing that upsets me ‒ no place for sweets is left in stomach!

The price is good ‒ 2600 rubles per person and 2080 rubles till 3 p.m. on workdays.


Fyodor Sukhov

10 % discount for Novikov Restaurant Group card holders.