Summer menu

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Summer menu


Summer menu

At the height of sunny days and warm Moscow evenings Chef Evgeny Demin of White Sun of the Desert restaurant offers his new seasonal menu. Dishes are prepared of the most natural ingredients and can impress you with their unique taste and summer freshness. We strongly recommend you to try them!

Salads and starters

Crab salad with red caviar, dried cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumbers and eggs – 980 RUB

Salad with crispy duck, corn leaves, coriander, soy sprouts and pomelo under Tai sweet-sour sauce – 860 RUB

Salad with fresh artichokes, apple, Parmesan cheese and arugula – 740 RUB

Salad with baked beetroot, soft goat cheese and cedar nuts – 520 RUB

Summer salad with radish, quail eggs, onion, and sour cream ‒ 360 RUB

Tar-tar with tuna and salmon with wasabi, tobiko and soy sauce ‒ 980 RUB


Cold soup “Chalop” from sour milk with beef, cucumbers and herbs ‒ 420 RUB

Beetroot soup with fresh vegetables ‒ 420 RUB

Main courses

Azerbaijani sturgeon shish kebab ‒ 820 RUB

Fried king shrimps served with soy and garlic sauce and Tai sauce 1/50 (chilled shrimps) – 440 RUB

Sea bream baked in parchment with zucchini, lemon and rosemary ‒ 1260 RUB

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